Flanged Thermowell RTD Sensor Assembly

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The thermowell assembly has a process connection, which is 1.5” ANSI 150 lb raised face (RF) stainless steel flange as standard with an 11mm diameter stem, all made from 316 stainless steel. Various immersion lengths are available to suit your process with a standard lagging length of 50mm below an IP68 KNE weatherproof terminal head.

This range of high quality fabricated RTD temperature probes feature a 6mm diameter spring loaded removable insert, available with a Pt100 Class B sensor as standard, making it easy to replace for maintenance and repair.

Many options are available such as alternative lengths, diameters, flange sizes (ANSI, DIN or JIS), in-head transmitters and terminations.

As well as our standard range, we design and manufacture custom assemblies to suit your specific application needs, including alternative materials, terminal heads, reduced tips and flanged process connections.