Handheld Thermistor Probe

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A precision handheld NTC Thermistor temperature probe with 80mm long penetration tip.

This rigid stemmed hand held thermistor probe has a sharp pointed tip designed to penetrate into solids, semi-solids or liquids.

The thermistor element is housed in a 3.2mm diameter 316 stainless steel tube, which is swaged to a pointed tip. It includes a white plastic handle and a 1 metre coiled cable with stripped ends suitable for instrument connectors, such as; lumberg, lemo or phono, making it compatible with a wide range of hand held indicators.

It has fast response (10 seconds) and an interchangeable 10k thermistor element with excellent long term stability and accuracy.

This hand held temperature sensor can be bespoke manufactured with many options for length, diameter, lead wires, connectors and thermistor elements also available in 2.252k, 5k, 30k, 50k & 100kΩ