Pt100 with Standard (KNE) Terminal Head and Process Fitting

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Resistance thermometer (RTD) with Pt100 element and fixed 316 Stainless Steel sheath terminated with a standard (KNE) Terminal head and ½” BSPP Process Fitting.

A 3 wire Class B flat film detector contained within a 6.0mm diameter probe. The fixed stainless steel sheath provides protection for the element from many liquids and gasses without degradation.

The screw top IP68 (KNE) weather-proof head is ideal when terminating industrial probes, providing a well-sealed termination. It is supplied complete with a ½” BSPP process fitting to screw directly into vessels, pipes, pockets or thermowells. It also has an M20 cable entry and comes with a ceramic terminal block or optional in-head transmitter.