Pt100 with FDA Approved (KPP) Head

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Resistance Thermometer (Pt100) with 316 Stainless Steel sheath and white polypropylene FDA approved (KPP) head.   

These RTDs are commonly used in food, dairy and pharmaceutical applications because of the hygienic FDA approved terminal head. The 3-wire Pt100 detector is available in Class A or B and is enclosed within a 6mm or 8mm diameter sheath. The 316 stainless steel probe can be supplied in lengths to suit the application and provides protection for the sensing element against a wide range of corrosive liquids and gasses.  

The screw top IP68 white polypropylene (KPP) head is ideal for pharmaceutical or hygienic applications and is recognised as an industry standard because of its FDA approval. It has a M20 cable entry and comes with a ceramic terminal block or optional in-head transmitter.