Dual Input Hand Held Digital Thermometer Kit

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Dual input hand held digital thermometer kit supplied with a choice of air, penetration, immersion and surface probes.

The IHT Kit is an easy to use hand held digital thermometer for use with type K thermocouples. Capable of displaying temperatures from -50 to 1300°C, it has a dual input for display of T1, T2 or (T1-T2).

The unit is °C/°F selectable with maximum reading/display hold functions and includes a protective rubber boot. The kit is supplied with two hand held thermocouples, available in four options; air and penetration, air and immersion, penetration and immersion or immersion and surface, covering all aspects of environmental monitoring. The kit can also be provided with optional traceable calibration certificate and is supplied in a convenient portable Neoprene carrying case.